About Harrison

Even with so few years, Harrison knew how to get the most out of life.

Known by many for his fun-loving spirit and his love of being on the ocean, Harrison was also business-minded, a natural leader, and a conscientious soul who spent much time with his family and friends.

Perhaps it was a boat trip through Alaska at the age of 6 months that sparked Harrison’s deep passion for travel and boating. He would visit many countries in his short life, both for vacation and while learning the family business. Back home in California, many say Harrison was at his happiest while boating in Catalina, fishing rod in hand.

In school, he spent two years on football, six playing tennis, and served on the Teen Advisory Board of the Friendship Circle, where he connected with students with special needs. He was also very interested in technology, loved to take photos and videos, and had a charming curiosity about the world.

That certainly included the world of business. Harrison was fascinated by Skechers sales conferences when he was a child, watching his father, Michael, and grandfather, Robert, speak. When he was 15, he got his first job at the Skechers retail store in Manhattan Beach as a sales associate, learning about the product and the importance of consumer relations. At 17, he would attend many account buy meetings in the company’s corporate offices, learning the importance of customer relations.

By 19, Harrison was traveling often, familiarizing himself with the international marketplace and the process of developing and producing footwear. While working an internship in China, he went with his cousin on a trip to Thailand, where he passed away unexpectedly.

Those who knew him best believe that the Roundhouse Beautification Project is an effort that Harrison would be proud of, with his many formative experiences visiting the aquarium as a kid and his lifelong love for the ocean and learning. Harrison’s unique spirit remains an inspiration to many—he is survived by his brother Chase, sister Mackenna, and his loving parents Michael and Wendy Greenberg.

A bronze medallion on the floor of the Roundhouse aquarium features Harrison Greenberg.