About the Roundhouse

The Roundhouse is the iconic red-roofed structure at the end of the Manhattan Beach pier. Inside the Roundhouse, the nonprofit organization Oceanographic Teaching Station (OTS) operates a free community aquarium that each year welcomes 300,000 visitors and 15,000 LA-area children to learn about marine life and the importance maintaining a clean ocean environment. The newly renovated Roundhouse reopened in 2018.

About the Harrison Greenberg Foundation

The Harrison Greenberg Foundation was set up in memoriam of its namesake in 2015. Inspired by Harrison’s curiosity, his love of the ocean, and his formative experiences at the aquarium, the foundation created and led the Roundhouse Beautification Project, which brought a world-class marine learning center to Southern California. The foundation is dedicated to the ongoing support of the Roundhouse Aquarium and its programs.

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Every donation directly supports the Roundhouse Aquarium, its marine life, and its educational mission. Here are some of the ways your contribution helps.



Salt water and foot traffic take a big toll on the Roundhouse’s structure.



Tanks, pumps, and filters have to be carefully maintained to ensure animals are happy and thriving.



Schoolchildren and families, many from underserved areas, are able to visit and learn free of charge.


and Staff

It takes knowledgeable, friendly staff to educate visitors and to take care of the animals and facility.